Sake sho Chiku (0.05l) 2 €
Sake sho Chiku (0.1l) 3.3 €
Sasara Tsuki Junmai (300 mL) Low-alcohol Saké (10,5%). Ideal to be served with raw fish and soft, light dishes. It can be used as an aperitif. It has a soft structure with mellow flowery tones. Its sweetness and sourness reminds white wine. It's recommended for begginers as 11.9 €
Tokusen Junmai Namachozoshu (300 mL) Distinguished for its fresh and velvety soft flavour. Slightly dry. Its 14% of alcohol offers combination with stronger dishes and vivid flavours. Significant aroma arises during boiling and by ageing in low temperatures one month before bottling 11.9 €
Kikusui Dry Hon Jozo (300 mL) The most popular type of Saké in Japan. It's dry and fresh on the outside, but with a strong structure inside. Medium-strong body gives balance to each dish with which it is served. For its versatility, this Saké is often consumed hot. Has slight 11.9 €
Shiro Sasa (300 mL) This saké is fluffy and milky because it's not filtered. Excels by creamy, sweet but fresh flavour and elegant texture. In comparison to other Saké, Nigori Saké is not that sweet. It can be used as an aperitif or as a dessert wine. 11.9 €